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Meet your needs with the perfect fit

Compact, reliable and easy to use, the Fit R-300 turns a big job into a child's play.
GEA Fit R-300 compact cable drive unit

The Fit R-300 drive unit is for barn alleys up to 300 feet long.

The Fit R-300 was developed to provide a compact drive unit that can fit in various locations around the barn. A cost-effective, cow friendly manure management solution, it is suitable for new facilities or retrofit installations looking to upgrade to an automated free stall cleaning system.

  • Because it is compact with drive unit wheels that can be configured as desired - in line, 90 degree corner (left or right) or 360 degree - the fit R-300 can be installed in more places in the barn for optimal floor space use and more efficient traffic patterns.
  • The close-coupled, dual-motor design (0.75 HP each) allows for an auto-tensioning feature on the Combi-rope to ensure hassle-free operation and long-term reliability.
  • The drive unit's Combi-rope offers all advantages of both steel cable and polypropylene rope in one.
  • All current scraper models and accessories can be used with the Fit R-300 drive unit. Control panel options are similar to other alley cleaning systems. The programming and user interface are the same across the IVRpro and IVRpro Max@ccess.

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