Our range of pumps includes normal priming and self-priming centrifugal pumps. Sensibly rated high-efficiency motors help you to keep energy consumption as low as possible. Carefully designed flow paths, free from dead corners, make it possible to achieve a higher product quality and considerable savings of valuable energy, water and detergents.

The new pump selection software Spaix4Pumps is now available online. With this online version it is possible to size our TP and TPS pumps without prior installation of software on the computer.


Economically efficient
The current generation of our GEA TUCHENHAGEN®-VARIFLOW centrifugal pumps provide users with considerable cost savings. Modern GEA components provide special advantages that enable superior economic performance and help the user to gain operative advantages at reduced costs. Sensibly rated high-efficiency motors in every dimension needed are available to cover the typical requirements of the markets. They enable that energy consumption is kept as low as possible, which means a positive impact on your profitability. 

Carefully designed flow paths free from dead corners enable optimum utilization of the conveying energy. The product is conveyed evenly and gently, resulting in a higher product quality, which provides the user with improved processing options and distribution potentials. The cleaning requirement is considerably reduced as far as time, water and resources are concerned, with a positive impact on production planning and cost accounting.

Lower consumption of energy, water and chemicals means less load on environment and climate. For GEA users, the future success of their business, and the continuing acceptance of their production site this aspect will become more and more important. 

On many markets, ecological criteria and the quality seals introduced for them increasingly determine retail assortment planning and what consumers will buy. Users of GEA products will not only be at an advantage due to production processes which have proven to be environmentally friendly but also as a result of their maximum hygiene and care when processing their products.

This helps users to fulfil their own commitment to sustainable working methods – the best way towards a secure future!

  • Less load on climate and environment
  • Environmental orientation production methods
  • Maximum hygiene and care in product processing

We offer normal priming and self-priming centrifugal pumps for different applications.