Chronicle of GEA

The new GEA
Year Milestones
2014 GEA Group concludes agreement for the sale of its Heat Exchangers segment to Triton. New structure for GEA segments. Focus on food industry. Adoption of GEA 2020 group strategy.
2011 Acquisition of Convenience Food Systems (CFS), headquartered in Bakel, Netherlands. Integration of CFS into GEA as the 6th segment; GEA Food Solutions.
2010 GEA to streamline the group structure. Centralization of all heat exchanger activities. Nine divisions become five segments: GEA Farm Technologies, GEA Refrigeration Technologies, GEA Process Engineering GEA Mechanical Equipment, GEA Heat Exchangers.
2008 New structure with new divisions: Air Treatment, Refrigeration, Process Equipment, Mechanical Equipment, Farm Systems, Thermal Engineering, Process Engineering, Emission Control, Pharma Systems. "GEA" as a corporate master brand. 
2007 Sale of Plant Engineering segment.
2005 Change in company name from mg technologies ag to GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft. Disposal of the Dynamit Nobel Plastics business unit.
Reconstruction and Globalization
Year Milestones
2004 Disposal of the Chemicals division: sale of four of the five business units to Dynamit Nobel AG.
2003 Strategic realignment of the Group, focusing on specialty mechanical engineering; especially process engineering and equipment and on plant engineering.
2000 Metallgesellschaft AG becomes mg technologies ag
1999 Metallgesellschaft acquires GEA AG.
1994 Start of a fundamental realignment of the MG Groupturning it into an innovative technology group. Disposal of around 300 companies in the Group between 1994 and 1996. Focus on engineering and chemicals.
1993 Heavy losses on oil transactions in the U.S. plunge MG into a crisis.
1992 MG enters the field of special chemistry with the acquisition of Dynamit Nobel AG. The MG Group has 63,000 employees generating sales of around EUR13 billion..
1991-1995 More intense acquisition activity in GEA (including Grasso, Niro,Westfalia Separator and Tuchenhagen). GEA sales increase to EUR 2 billion with 17,000 employees.
1989 GEA goes public.
Year  Milestones 
1945-1980 Following reconstruction, numerous product innovations ensure increasing commercial success
1939-1945 Extensive destruction of MG and GEA production facilities.
1920 Gesellschaft für Entstaubungsanlagen (GEA), a company producing dedusting equipment, founded.
1928 Large proportion of foreign investments lost in the First World War. Start of chemicals trading.
1882-1914 MG becomes a global player represented on all continents. Investments in mines and metallurgical plants. Metallurgische Gesellschaft (Lurgi) founded.
1881 Metallgesellschaft AG (MG) established as a metal trading company.