Ice Machines Orbital Silos

GEA orbital silos for the storage of flake ice

GEA orbital silos hygienically store the flake-ice in ideal conditions. The fully automatic ice discharge system ensures delivery on demand, without the hassle of handling. Operates along the FIFO mode (First in-First Out). Preserves the quality of the ice. Made of food-compatible materials. Does not contaminate the ice. The flake-ice supplied is thus of a constant quality, with no buildup of hard lumps.

Ideal for:

  • Seafood preservation  
  • Industrial food processing

Options for orbital silos:

  • Wheighing auger VPS
  • Wheighing auger VP12
  • Wheighing auger with coin box
  • High ice level detector
  • Ice level indicator
Orbital silos
Model Capacity (t)
according to ice density
S2 2.0
S3 3.0
S4 4.0
S5 5.0
S8 8.0
S12 12.0
S15 15.0