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Originally, it was the initiative of a member of staff that got the GEA Allstars together, a band line-up formed exclusively by GEA staff.

Jan Denis, active at Grasso Products B.V. in ´s-Hertogenbosch, sent out an e-mail that circulated at the headquarters of the GEA Holding in Bochum, aiming to bring music enthusiasts among company employees together.

This was followed by a call placed in the employee magazine. By the end of 2004, eight musicians from all over Europe were already in touch with each other.

In a first weekend workshop in January 2005, under the auspices of the professional musician Peter Ritter, a common feeling for rhythm was soon found. On the occasion of an art opening held at the rotunda of the GEA Corporate center, the GEA Allstars celebrated their first performance with a larger audience - a debut that was thoroughly enjoyed by the band and guests alike.
In the meantime, the ranks of the GEA Allstars have grown to 15 musicians.

Encouraged by the great start, Peter Schenk decided to invite the band to the Group's international Management Meeting in Copenhagen, where Andrew Ball, Great Britain, and John Terry, USA, joined the Continental, all-European line-up for the first time and contributed to a very successful international performance.

The Allstars on CD

Dynamic interpretations of rock, pop and soul classics from the last four decades, performed and infused with the musical talent and power of our staff band, The GEA Allstars.

1. Album by the GEA Allstars: "Nr. 1"
15,00 EUR

Phone: 0234 980 2587

2. Album by the GEA Allstars: "Love Potion"
15,00 EUR

Phone: 0234 980 2587


Malcolm Holmes Vocals Westfalia Separator, Oelde
Raf de Pauw Vocals, Guitar Courtoy, Halle, Belgium
Klaus Hogrebe Bass extern, Recklinghausen
Werner Frankenbusch Vocals, Drums GEA Happel Klimatechnik, Allmendingen
Peter Müller Keyboards Westfalia Separator,
Domenico Keyboards Courtoy, Halle, Belgium
Jan Denis Trumpet Grasso Products, s’Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Janus van Dalsen Trombone Grenco, s’Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Marcus van Dalsen Trumpet Grasso Products, s’Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Leo Pols Trombone Grenco, s’Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Andreas Koch Flute GEA Jet Pumps, Ettlingen
Peter Ritter Saxophone, Flutes, Bandleader extern
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