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GEA Group Values

GEA – that’s all of us!

GEA Vision and GEA Values are cornerstones of our management philosophy. They are a crucial element of a common GEA identity. We will hold all of us to these standards.


At GEA, we stand for excellence in everything we do.

  • We help our customers become the best in class.
  • We foster creativity and innovation.
  • We strive to constantly improve our technology as well as our professional skills.


At GEA, we work with passion without obsession.

  • We do our jobs with enthusiasm.
  • We are proud of what we achieve together.
  • We balance our customers’, our colleagues’, our own, and our investors’ needs.


At GEA, we walk our talk.

  • We treat each other and our partners with trust, fairness, and respect.
  • We honor our commitments and stand up for our beliefs.
  • We speak with one voice internally and externally.


At GEA, we feel responsible for our actions.

  • We take care in all we do and are aware of possible outcomes and consequences.
  • We take decisions and make results known.
  • We share information openly in the interest of GEA.


At GEA, we cross borders.

  • We respect other opinions and discuss them openly.
  • We support teamwork and the mutual exchange of knowledge and people regardless of borders, cultures, genders, Segments, and levels.

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May 22, 2015
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The leading position in engineering held by GEA around the world is also based on our transparent management culture.
The GEA Group is offering international career opportunities for personalities who strive to be the best.
Corporate Governance
Responsible management is playing a vital role for the GEA Group.
The in-depth know-how that GEA commands at its international locations plays a key role in meeting high customer demands and requirements.
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