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GEA Heat Exchangers covers numerous application areas, from air conditioning systems to cooling towers, and therefore probably provides the widest portfolio of heat exchangers worldwide.

Finned-tube heat exchangers, single-tube heat exchangers, Heller systems, air-cooled condensers, wet cooling towers, plate heat exchangers, HVAC systems, and all kinds of shell-and-tube heat exchangers: for all feasible applications, the new GEA segment for heat exchangers offers from one source the best possible solutions. And it powerfully supports planning efforts in all areas of heat transfer.

By focusing all heat-exchanger activities in one single segment, GEA now highlights its position as world leader on the market of heat exchangers.


GEA Heat Exchangers
Contact GEA Heat Exchangers GmbH
Dorstener Str. 484
44809 Bochum, Germany
tel.: +49 (0) 234-980-0
fax: +49 (0) 234 980-2752
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