Second-hand Equipment

Second-hand equipment, high quality refurbished equipment, including all the benefits an reliability and services GEA has to offer.

Looking for a good second-hand machine, delivery time and budget are critical. GEA has a wide range of second-hand equipment in stock to be able to quickly supply a solution that meets your requirements.

GEA second-hand equipment comprises:

Because the machines were manufactured by us, we have the expert knowledge to support their efficient and safe functioning.

  • Refurbished with original parts
  • Always comes with the original manual
  • Comes with guarantee

Second-hand, First Class!

GEA second-hand equipment is always delivered in a safe working condition and compliance with your needs, up to its original state. In other words: Second-hand, First Class!

GEA offers a wide range services to ensure that your equipment meets the requirements you set.

GEA also offers services on your installed equipment by request, such as:

  • GEA custom revision: refurbishment of (parts) your equipment
  • GEA custom upgrades: upgrades of your equipment

All GEA Services are dedicated to maximize your performance!

To learn more on our second-hand stock equipment see our stock- and refurbished list in the download section.

Please note: availability of all equipment sold is based on firstcome,first serve basis.

For our actual stock, questions or assistance contact us