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GEA CowView: Innovative Health and Fertility Management

The product innovation GEA CowView enables animal localization and the analysis of individual animal behavior to be tracked and processed in real time.

Transponders send the location and the activity of every individual animal to the farmer’s PC, tablet or smart phone.

This means that for the first time a full and continuous analysis of the position and the behavior of each individual cow is obtained.

For example, the time spent in the stalls, in the walkways, time spent on feeding and the distances walked are analysed to derive the state of health and the heat cycle of each individual animal in real time.

GEA CowView offers many advantages:

Labour saving through simultaneous animal localization, an optimized reproduction cycle through reliable heat detection, flexible workflow management, an early warning system for health risks and flexible data access.

Fast Facts
Product: GEA CowView

GEA Farm Technologies GmbH

Real time animal localization and analysis of animal behavior
Advantages: - Labour saving through simultaneous animal localization
- Optimized reproduction cycle through reliable heat detection
- Flexible workflow management
- Early warning system for health risks
- Flexible data access
Contact: GEA Farm Technologies GmbH
Siemensstr. 25-27
59199 Bönen
Telephone: +49 (0)2383 93 7801
Fax: +49 (0)2383 93 8801
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