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GEA Bock F18: Open type piston compressor in new dimension

In industrial as well as maritime applications, system operators often use open type piston compressors with an external drive when a high degree of reliability, flexibility and operational safety is required. Therefore, GEA Refrigeration Technologies developed its GEA Bock compressor F18.

With the new 8-cylinder compressor model GEA combines the knowhow in the small and medium output range with the know-how in the higher output range. To meet the high quality demands of open-type compressors in this capacity range, GEA focuses on quality: A plasma-nitrocarburized crankshaft for example drives the eight pistons of the compressor.

At the same time, the F18 compressor sets new benchmark standards for open-type piston compressors. For the first time, the GEA Bock mexxFlow valve system is used in this compressor. The mexxFlow system is a flow-optimized double-ring design of the valve plate in combination with a cylinder head especially designed for the valve plate. Due to the use of this valve system, GEA is able to increase the efficiency of the compressor by 15%, compared to the use of standard valve plate technology. Its reduced size and its relatively low weight also facilitate the handling of the F18, for instance for transportation or when taking it into a machine room.

A special version for the established refrigerant for industrial systems NH3 (Ammonia) will follow in 2013.

Fast facts

GEA Bock Piston Compressor F18

GEA Refrigeration Technologies GmbH

Industrial and maritime refrigeration
Advantages: - usage of high quality components like plasma-nitrocarburized crankshaft
- increased efficiency up to 15 % with the GEA Bock mexxFlow valve system
- reduced size and relatively low weight
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