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The new generation – CFS CookStar and CFS CookStar Turbo

Convenience food will be more and more important in the daily life and the preparation of food needs special conditions and tools. In 1993 GEA CFS launched the first generation of CookStar – an oven for meat preparation with its revolutionary double-spiral cooking zones. Now the new generation CFS CookStar ovens are designed to meet current requirement of customers and producers.

The new generation CFS CookStar spiral ovens can produce steamed, cooked and roasted products with the highest yield and productivity possible. In addition, gain more flexibility – virtually all products can be efficiently produced on a CookStar – enabling to respond quickly to market trends and customer demands. And if you need more versatility, roasting capability, capacity and an even higher yield, then the CFS CookStar Turbo is the answer.

No.1 in yield performance
The art of cooking and roasting is to produce tasty, attractive products that retain moisture. The improved separation of the cooking zones allows cooking with widely different conditions. This increases flexibility as well as ensuring the best possible results for every application. The efficient air circulation in the cooking zones results in shorter cooking time. The new generation CFS CookStar delivers unparalleled product yield.

Consistent product quality
To ensure consistent heat transfer to all products, the new generation CFS CookStar combines horizontal and vertical airflow. This enhances product quality, decreases cooking time and ensures a more consistent product core temperature (variation across the belt is only ± 2°C). By changing the settings in the different zones, you have total control over the crispiness, juiciness, texture and color of your products.

Versatility performance
Almost all products can be produced in the CFS CookStar, including steamed, coated, marinated and enhanced browned products, roasted bone-in, roasted boneless and formed products. Thanks to impingement technology, it is possible to roast natural products without color additives and skinless products on the new generation CFS CookStar Turbo. This patented technology combines horizontal airflow with vertical impingement at the right point in the process and increases the number and flexibility of applications, speeds up cooking and creates a crispy product with even higher yield. Since you don’t know future demands, the modular design of the CFS CookStar provides the possibility to change the direction of rotation and position of infeed side, in case your factory lay-out changes.

Productivity performance
With the largest heating capacity available on the market, running speed up to 25m per minute and belt load of up to 25 kg/m, the overall productivity of the oven has been significantly increased. New airflow concepts result in 10-30% shorter cooking time, providing more capacity as well as reducing energy consumption. Improvements in the interior design enhance cleanability, while the CIP (Clean In Place) system uses a unique inside-out-spray system from the rotating drum to ensure superior cleaning of strategic areas in the cooking zones. Each zone has independent CIP tanks and CIP circulation systems. The net result is a 10 to 15% shorter cleaning cycle and reduced water and chemical usage, allowing up to 72 hours continuous production.

Total cost of ownership
Higher yield and higher capacity reduce the cost of product per kilogram. Energy savings, shorter cleaning times, lower cleaning costs and lower maintenance costs reduce overall operational costs, which can also indirectly be translated, back into cost per kilogram of product. With the latest enhancements, there is little doubt that the new generation CFS CookStar delivers a state-of-the-art concept that will inevitably become the new industry benchmark in performance, flexibility and total cost-of-ownership.

Fast Facts:
Product: CFS CookStar and CFS CookStar Turbo
Company: GEA CFS Bakel B.V.
Application: Steam, cook and roast of meat in one oven
Advantages: - Boost yield performance by 1 to 3%
- Benchmark productivity, cook 10 to 20 % faster
- Combined horizontal and vertical airflow
- Enhanced cleaning concept, 10 to 15% faster cleaning
- Belt speed up to 25 m per minute
- Up to 7% energy savings in total
- Maximum uptime: production runs up to 72 hours
- Improved overall browning
Contact: GEA CFS Bakel B.V.
Beekakker 11
5761 EN Bakel
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 492 349 349
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