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MIone – The Milking Robot for Future Oriented Dairy Farms

The new milking robot from GEA Farm Technologies is called MIone. MIone stands for "Milking Intelligence", and is a statement of an entire installation concept that sets a new benchmark.

Real-time reaction due to new camera system
The 3D-direct camera system, which has been awarded the DLG Silver Medal for Innovation, revolutionizes the whole process of teat finding. With the new "relative method", the camera constantly focuses on the distance between the teat cups and teats during the cluster attachment process, evaluates the data in no time so that they are in the correct relative positions and it is able to react in real-time to changing conditions.

New procedure allows for animal-friendly milking and working
The advantages, such as increased attachment safety and quicker system teach-in processes prior to milking, are immediately obvious. The new relative positioning procedure is especially calming to nervous animals, enables higher capacities and requires much less servicing and maintenance compared with existing absolute positioning processes.

A true milk centre thanks to MIone
The MIone is the only milking robot that, due to its MultiBox concept can be perfectly integrated as the indispensable part of the milk centre. In addition, the Multibox-System MIone can grow with the dairy farm. The result of using MIone, is more efficient and animal-friendly milking and working.

GEA Farm Technologies with its main office in Bönen, Germany is a worldwide leading manufacturer of technical innovations, integrated product solutions and effective animal hygiene products for a cost-efficient milk production. Manure technology and barn equipment round up the profile as a system provider for all farm sizes. The division had a total of about 2,000 employees worldwide as of December 31, 2008

Fast Facts
Product: Milking Robot MIone
Company: GEA Farm Technologies
Application: Automatic Milking
• increased labour efficiency
• enables higher capacities
• less servicing and maintenance

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