Ice Machines Insulated Ice Bins

Insulated ice bins for the storage of flake ice

These quality storage bins hold the ice in good conditions and are all fitted with a handy access function. Their elegant design was created for display in retail outlets. We offer eight orbital silo storage bins with automated ice delivery. The first ice bin is the first ice delivered.

Ideal for:

  • Seafood preservation 
  • Industrial food processing

Insulated ice bins
Range and Model
For ice machineCapacity (kg) 
Enclosed bins  
M0Dual Pack 11 | 12  350
M1Pack 12 | 13 | 14600
M2Dual Pack 14 | Pack 201.100
M3Pack 20 | 21 | 221.700
M4Pack 21 to 302.100
M5Pack 23 to 303.600