Ice Machines Ice Generators

Flake ice generators are at the heart of the proven technology of industrial ice machines.

These ice generators are at the heart of the GEA technology. They are to be connected to an existing refrigeration system. The generators capacity varies from 500 kg to 50 tons/day.

GEA ice generators - for the production of flake ice

As the motion is slow and smooth it requires little maintenance. The design is based on a static cylinder with few moving parts and no rotary seals. The cylinder is fully insulated. This means that all the refrigeration is transferred directly to the water.

Ideal for:

  • Seafood preservation 
  • Industrial food processing

Stand-alone ice generators
Range and Model
Commercial range
Production (t/24h)
according to operating conditions
F300.65 to 1.0
F90 H1.6 to 3.0
F90 V3.0 to 3.5
F90 SBF1.6 to 3.5
F90 SW (seawater)2.0 to 3.0
Semi-industrial *
F200 ABF R404A / R224.5 to 6.5
F200 ABF R7174.5 to 6.5
F200 SBF4.5 to 6.5
F250 ABF R404A / R226.5 to 10.0
F250 ABF R7176.5 to 10.0
F250 SBF6.5 to 10.0
Industrial range *
F600 ABF10.0 to 14.0
F600 SBF10.0 to 14.0
F800 ABF15.0 to 20.0
F800 SBF15.0 to 20.0
F900 ABF20.0 to 30.0
F900 SBF20.0 to 30.0
F800 - 2 ABF30.0 to 36.0
F2000 ABF30.0 to 50.0
F2000 SBF30.0 to 50.0
Marine range **
F100SW TRI2.7

* SBF = without flood bottle, ABF = with flood bottle
** M = fresh water, SW = seawater