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Fact Sheet GEA Group

The GEA Group: German MDAX company – focused and globally successful

  • revenue about EUR 4.3 billion in 2013
  • ca. 18,000 employees worldwide (12/31/2013)
  • about 70 percent of revenue from the long-term growing food and energy industries


Food Dairy sector Beverages
Pharmaceuticals &
Chemicals Environment Marine


  • GEA provides the world with innovative solutions for smartfood processing and for a more efficient use of energy resources.
  • GEA is a global engineering group recognized for its excellent technologies, its dedication to provide best solutions to its customers, and its management principles.


  • Excellence: At GEA, we stand for excellence in everything we do.
  • Passion: At GEA, we work with passion without obsession.
  • Integrity: At GEA, we walk our talk.
  • Responsibility: At GEA, we feel responsible for our actions.
  • GEA-versity: At GEA, we cross borders.

Corporate Structure

GEA Food Solutions GEA Farm Technologies GEA Mechanical Equipment GEA Process Engineering GEA Refrigeration Technologies GEA Food Solutions GEA Farm Technologies GEA Mechanical Equipment GEA Process Engineering GEA Refrigeration Technologies

Executive Board

Jürg Oleas, Chairman of the Executive Board
(GEA Heat Exchangers, GEA Process Engineering)
Dr. Helmut Schmale
Markus Hüllmann
(GEA Food Solutions, GEA Mechanical Equipment,
GEA Refrigeration Technologies)
Dr. Stephan Petri
(Human Resources, Legal/Compliance, Labor Relations
Director, GEA Farm Technologies, “Other” Segment)

Acquisitions 2012

  • Aseptomag, Switzerland
    Supplier of aseptic and hygienic valves, valve modules, and
    system solutions
  • Milfos International Group, New Zealand
    Leading designer and manufacturer of innovative dairy
1881 Founding of Metallgesellschaft AG (MG) as a metals trading company
1920 Founding of Gesellschaft für Entstaubungsanlagen (GEA)
1989 GEA floats on the stockmarket
1992 MG acquires Dynamit Nobel AG
1999 MG acquires GEA AG
2000 Metallgesellschaft AG becomes mg technologies ag
2003 Strategic reorientation of the Group towards specialist mechanical engineering
2005 Renaming of mg technologies ag as GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft
2007 Sale of the Plant Engineering business
2010 New group structure, centralization of all heat exchanger activities
2011 Integration of Convenience Food Systems (CFS) as today's 6th segment “GEA Food Solutions”

The GEA share

  • WKN 660 200, ISIN DE0006602006, Xetra G1A.DE, Reuters G1AG.DE, Bloomberg G1A.GR,
  • Shares in issue on June 30, 2013: 192.5 million


Fact Sheet GEA Group
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The GEA Group is offering international career opportunities for personalities who strive to be the best.
Fact Sheet GEA Group
Fact Sheet GEA Group Download (PDF 50 KB)
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