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Contents of the following press releases were current at the time of their first publication. Since the first publication can the validity of the statements have changed. The messages shown here have a purely documentary character. With questions to individual messages or statements you turn please to our communication department.

Dec 17, 2014 Change in the GEA Group Supervisory Board
Dec 16, 2014 GEA obtains large orders for dairy processing
Nov 26, 2014 GEA becomes a partner of the Dairy Farming Institute in China
Oct 31, 2014 GEA concludes the sale of the Heat Exchangers Segment to Triton
Oct 28, 2014 Profitability up again at GEA
Oct 13, 2014 GEA announces medium-term financial objectives
Oct 08, 2014 GEA announces bolt-on acquisitions to enhance application know how
Sep 30, 2014 GEA to build Fonterras next mega dairy powder plant
Aug 21, 2014 GEA Optimizes Group Structure
Aug 20, 2014 Ad-hoc - GEA Optimizes Group Structure
Jul 28, 2014 GEA Increases Operating EBITDA Margin to 11.5 Percent
Jul 21, 2014 GEA receives major dairy processing orders worth more than EUR 60m
Jun 26, 2014 Dr. Stephan Petri to continue as Member of the Executive Board until 2018
May 06, 2014 GEA starts fiscal year 2014 with record-breaking quarter
Apr 16, 2014 Dr. Helmut Schmale to continue as CFO until 2018
Apr 16, 2014 GEA Group concludes agreement on the sale of the Heat Exchangers Segment to Triton
Apr 16, 2014 Ad-hoc - GEA sells the segment Heat Exchangers
Apr 16, 2014 GEA sales to grow 6% organically in the first quarter
Feb 06, 2014 GEA revenue and profit hit new record high in 2013
Jan 13, 2014 GEA order intake to increase above EUR 6bn
Jan 09, 2014 Asian demand for dairy products affords GEA another EUR 120M of large orders in Q4
Oct 31, 2013 GEA increases order intake by around 6 percent
Aug 28, 2013 GEA secures favorable 650 M club deal until 2020
Jul 30, 2013 GEA sees record order intake in second quarter
Jul 29, 2013 GEA receives large dairy order in Europe
Jun 26, 2013 GEA records solid performance in April and May
Jun 20, 2013 GEA focuses further on core business and pursues separation from segment GEA Heat Exchangers in medium term
Jun 20, 2013 Ad-hoc: GEA pursues medium-term separation from segment GEA Heat Exchangers
May 08, 2013 GEA reports strong operating cash flow in first quarter
May 07, 2013 GEA receives several large orders
Apr 18, 2013 GEA reports Q1 order intake on the occasion of its Annual General Meeting
Mar 07, 2013 Jürg Oleas to continue as CEO until 2016
Feb 06, 2013 GEA reaches communicated guidance in a difficult environment
Jan 15, 2013 GEA confirms order intake expectations for 2012
Dec 13, 2012 Markus Hüllmann is to succeed Niels Graugaard at the Executive Board of GEA
Dec 03, 2012 GEA finalizes settlement in award proceedings
Nov 19, 2012 GEA with prize-winning innovations
Nov 14, 2012 GEA has acquired Milfos International Limited in New Zealand
Oct 29, 2012 GEA increases order intake and reduces net debt by around EUR 110 million quarter-on-quarter
Sep 21, 2012 GEA places note loan in the amount of EUR 300m
Aug 21, 2012 GEA signals commitment to greater diversity
Jul 30, 2012 GEA increases operating margin to 8.6 percent in Q2 and confirms outlook
May 08, 2012 GEA lifted by demand from food process technology
Apr 25, 2012 GEA closes takeover of Aseptomag
Apr 24, 2012 GEA starts the year 2012 with an increase in order intake
Mar 26, 2012 GEA builds milk powder plant for more than 70 MEUR
Mar 15, 2012 GEA acquires Swiss specialist in aseptic valves
Mar 08, 2012 GEA Group enlarges Executive Board with Dr. Stephan Petri
Feb 14, 2012 GEA receives orders worth more than 25 MEUR from the energy sector
Feb 06, 2012 GEA boosts EBIT margin significantly in 2011
Jan 30, 2012 GEA reaches settlement in award proceedings
Jan 30, 2012 Ad-hoc - Settlement reached in award proceedings
Jan 11, 2012 GEA sees strong order intake in fourth quarter
Dec 19, 2011 GEA expands financing options
Nov 30, 2011 GEA receives orders from China for power plant coolers worth more than 100 MEUR
Nov 17, 2011 GEA receives orders worth more than 32 MEUR
Nov 02, 2011 GEA increases operating margin to 10 percent in Q3/2011
Oct 10, 2011 GEA receives order for Air Coolers worth 13 MEUR
Sep 30, 2011 GEA divests production of packaging materials
Aug 10, 2011 New Supervisory Board member for GEA Group
Jul 29, 2011 GEA lifts operating EBIT by 48 percent in Q2
Jul 11, 2011 GEA acquires powder specialist Nu-Con in New Zealand
Jun 29, 2011 GEA receives orders worth more than 28 MEUR from the power plant industry
Jun 24, 2011 GEA optimizes financing structure
Jun 10, 2011 GEA wins Best Innovator Award
Jun 09, 2011 GEA supplies air coolers worth more than 26 MEUR to the oil and gas industry in the Middle East
Jun 08, 2011 Dieter Ammer leaves Supervisory Board of GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft
May 06, 2011 GEA increases earnings per share significantly
Apr 21, 2011 Changes in GEA Group’s Supervisory Board
Apr 21, 2011 Dr. Helmut Schmale to continue as CFO until 2015
Apr 15, 2011 GEA successfully issues EUR 400m corporate bond
Mar 31, 2011 Closing of Bock Kältemaschinen takeover completed
Mar 24, 2011 Closing of CFS takeover completed
Mar 18, 2011 GEA Group wins prize for best ideas management in the industry
Mar 10, 2011 GEA issues Guidance for 2011
Mar 09, 2011 GEA receives 40m order for dairy plant
Feb 07, 2011 GEA releases preliminary figures for 2010
Dec 20, 2010 GEA to acquire Bock Kältemaschinen, Germany
Dec 20, 2010 GEA acquires Convenience Food Systems (CFS)
Dec 20, 2010 Ad-hoc - GEA acquires Convenience Food Systems
Dec 10, 2010 GEA wins 25 MEURO order for a new dairy plant in the Middle East
Oct 29, 2010 GEA continues on successful path
Oct 28, 2010 GEA plans new production plant for separators in China
Oct 12, 2010 GEA receives orders worth 28 MEUR from the Oil and Gas Industry
Oct 04, 2010 GEA awarded major orders from Morocco and Hong Kong
Aug 26, 2010 GEA received a major order from the power industry
Jul 30, 2010 GEA records double-digit growth in order intake
Jul 27, 2010 GEA awarded 20 MEUR order for milk processing line in New Zealand
Jun 23, 2010 GEA to relocate headquarters within North Rhine-Westphalia
Jun 15, 2010 GEA secures long-term refinancing
Jun 11, 2010 GEA supplies large air cooled condenser for power plant in Denizli/Turkey
Jun 02, 2010 GEA receives large order for insulin processing equipment from Julphar (UAE)
May 19, 2010 GEA Heat Exchangers receives order for Heller system in Sochi/Russia
May 06, 2010 GEA: Solid results in Q1
Apr 21, 2010 Voting results from the GEA Annual General Meeting
Mar 31, 2010 GEA acquires SKIOLD MULLERUP A/S
Mar 11, 2010 GEA resilient in a challenging environment
Mar 09, 2010 Jürg Oleas to continue as CEO until 2013
Mar 05, 2010 GEA has joined forces with BASF in cGMP spray drying for custom synthesis pharma production
Jan 14, 2010 GEA expands financing base
Dec 18, 2009 Niels Graugaard to continue as Executive Board member until 2013
Dec 16, 2009 GEA supplies Air Cooled Condenser worth EUR 10m to Israel
Dec 10, 2009 GEA receives order for complete milk powder factory in Australia
Dec 01, 2009 Oasis of the Seas sets sail with GEA separators
Nov 17, 2009 Milking equipment of GEA wins Prince Philip Award
Nov 11, 2009 Antitrust penalty against GEA and former subsidiaries
Oct 29, 2009 GEA increases operating profit as against previous quarter
Oct 13, 2009 GEA receives orders worth EUR 40m from Russia and Romania
Sep 22, 2009 GEA to streamline the group structure in order to realize substantial synergies and savings
Sep 22, 2009 Ad-hoc: GEA to streamline the group structure
Sep 15, 2009 GEA supplies environmentally friendly cooling systems worth EUR 46m to China
Aug 27, 2009 GEA receives a big order from the largest dairy foods producer in the Middle East
Aug 19, 2009 GEA wins major pharmaceutical order for EUR 15m from China
Jul 30, 2009 GEA generates EUR 2.1bn order intake in first half-year
Jul 28, 2009 GEA builds first fully automatic dairy plant in Chile for the Nestlé Group
Jul 14, 2009 GEA to build Cooling Tower in Florida for 10 MEUR
Jun 30, 2009 GEA awarded contracts in China worth EUR 17m in the field of baby food
Jun 24, 2009 GEA to supply heat exchangers for solar thermal power generation
Jun 18, 2009 GEA supplies power plant cooler worth more than 22 MEUR
Jun 16, 2009 GEA awarded with contracts from Naabtaler Dairy and Lakeland Dairies
May 06, 2009 GEA combines investor and public relations departments
May 05, 2009 GEA Starts the New Fiscal Year with a Profit
Apr 22, 2009 GEA Group – New CFO Dr. Helmut Schmale
Apr 22, 2009 Voting results from the GEA Annual General Meeting
Apr 22, 2009 GEA reports the order intake of the first quarter on the occasion of the Annual General Meeting 2009
Apr 08, 2009 GEA receives order to build Power Plant Cooler worth 20 MEUR in Trinidad Tobago
Apr 07, 2009 GEA Group acquires DB Wilaard Holding BV
Mar 12, 2009 GEA prepared for 2009 market trends
Mar 09, 2009 GEA presents its innovative strengths at the top trade fairs
Feb 23, 2009 GEA receives 38 MEUR order from the United States
Feb 03, 2009 GEA continues to extend food freezing business
Jan 20, 2009 GEA delivers instant coffee processing plant to Brazil
Jan 19, 2009 GEA strengthens position in the freezing business
Jan 05, 2009 GEA Increases Activities in the Solar Thermal Business
Dec 17, 2008 GEA Thermal Engineering delivers Heller® System to China
Dec 10, 2008 SIMA Innovation Awards 2009: GEA awarded the silver prize
Dec 08, 2008 GEA begins investment program in Oelde: Ground-breaking ceremony for new separator production facilities
Dec 05, 2008 Ruhr-Zink to close at the end of the year
Dec 02, 2008 GEA Mechanical Separation powers the Middle East
Nov 20, 2008 Second Innovation Award for GEA
Nov 12, 2008 BRAU Beviale 2008: GEA makes brewing a fascinating experience
Nov 11, 2008 GEA WestfaliaSurge at EuroTier
Nov 05, 2008 GEA helps to secure gas supplies
Oct 31, 2008 GEA Group with above average growth in high-margin
Oct 30, 2008 Nestlé USA places an order for an aseptic filling line of GEA
Oct 29, 2008 GEA consolidates its leadership in the Brazilian air cooler market
Oct 23, 2008 GEA Thermal Engineering supplies air coolers to India
Oct 22, 2008 GEA sets a new benchmark in industrial refrigeration
Oct 20, 2008 GEA Bischoff received an order for two LT-plants from Baosteel Meishan
Oct 15, 2008 GEA invests in the future
Oct 08, 2008 GEA continues to generate further growth
Oct 02, 2008 Ad-hoc: GEA Group wants to repurchase shares of the company for up to EUR 100 million
Oct 02, 2008 GEA starts share buy-back program
Oct 01, 2008 GEA continues successful acquisition strategy
Sep 18, 2008 New order from Nuovo Pignone
Sep 03, 2008 GEA management invests in the company
Aug 27, 2008 GEA further strengthens its activities in industrial refrigeration
Aug 19, 2008 GEA Group successfully concludes takeover of Bloksma
Aug 13, 2008 GEA Group successfully places EUR 200 million borrowers' note loan
Jul 31, 2008 Rising EBIT margin results in profitability gains at GEA
Jul 31, 2008 GEA sets up ADR program
Jul 29, 2008 GEA donates EUR 50,000 for victims of Chinese earthquake
Jul 14, 2008 GEA Group acquires Norbco Inc.
Jul 10, 2008 GEA Group provides analysts with insights into heat exchange activities
May 08, 2008 GEA reports 50 percent rise in Group earnings in the first quarter
Apr 23, 2008 GEA reports high growth and higher EBIT margin in the first quarter
Apr 23, 2008 GEA further strengthens its activities in industrial heat-exchangers
Apr 23, 2008 Dr. Helmut Schmale becomes new Chief Financial Officer of GEA Group
Mar 13, 2008 GEA Group reports strong earnings growth
Mar 11, 2008 Appointment of Hartmut Eberlein as Executive Board member extended until April 22, 2009
Feb 06, 2008 GEA Group confirms good fourth-quarter growth
Dec 21, 2007 GEA concludes sale of Lentjes to A-Tec
Nov 29, 2007 GEA Group with strong order intake
Oct 31, 2007 GEA Group sales markets continue to grow
Oct 30, 2007 GEA Group opens new manufacturing site in the Middle East
Oct 11, 2007 GEA Group promotes its employees' intellectual capital
Oct 09, 2007 WestfaliaSurge takes over license for TITAN milking robots
Sep 18, 2007 Adhoc: Share buy-back for up to 200 million euro
Sep 04, 2007 New manufacturing site in China
Aug 02, 2007 GEA Group exploits consistently strong growth potential
Jul 24, 2007 Klaus Moll leaves GEA Group's Executive Board
Jul 20, 2007 GEA Group completes sale of Lurgi to Air Liquide
Jun 19, 2007 Niels Graugaard to join Executive Board of GEA as successor to Peter Schenk
May 16, 2007 GEA Group acquires Aero Heat Exchanger Inc.
May 09, 2007 GEA Group achieves impressive start to 2007
May 02, 2007 GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft sells Lentjes Group
May 02, 2007 AdHoc: GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft sells Lentjes Group
Apr 30, 2007 Annual Shareholders' Meeting of the GEA Group
Apr 30, 2007 GEA Group has started 2007 in excellent shape
Apr 19, 2007 Acquisitions Procomac and J. Houle and Fils Inc. by GEA Group closed
Apr 17, 2007 Adhoc: GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft sells Lurgi Group
Apr 17, 2007 GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft sells Lurgi Group
Apr 03, 2007 J. Houle and Fils Inc. Acquired by GEA Group
Apr 02, 2007 Elke Kleemann to head GEA Group's Investor Relations
Mar 26, 2007 Jürg Oleas's contract with GEA Group extended
Mar 21, 2007 GEA Group Core Business with Strong Growth in Results
Mar 01, 2007 GEA Group to acquire Procomac
Feb 22, 2007 Employee representatives confirmed on Supervisory Board of GEA Group
Dec 18, 2006 GEA Group completes sale of Fleissner
Nov 15, 2006 GEA Group sells Fleissner to Trützschler
Nov 09, 2006 GEA Group generates strong growth
Oct 26, 2006 Plant contractor Lurgi generates rapidly rising order inflow
Oct 19, 2006 Another Bioethanol Order from the USA for Lurgi
Sep 29, 2006 Change in the Executive Board of Lurgi AG
Sep 25, 2006 Lentjes wins contracts worth EUR 145 million
Sep 22, 2006 GEA Group to acquire U.K.-based Denco
Sep 20, 2006 GEA Group wins damages claim against Flex-N-Gate
Sep 04, 2006 GEA Energy Technology wins orders worth over EUR 110 million
Aug 10, 2006 Profitable growth strengthened in first half of 2006
Jul 18, 2006 Lurgi wins order for bioethanol plant in the USA
Jul 11, 2006 Successful First Year of
Jun 29, 2006 Borghs to leave GEA Group; Hamel takes over as of July 1
Jun 23, 2006 Personnel Changes on the Executive Board at Lurgi Lentjes AG
May 29, 2006 Klaus Moll Chairman of the Executive Board of Lurgi AG until November 2008
May 22, 2006 New Head of Communications for GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft
May 18, 2006 GEA Group : New Biodiesel Order for Lurgi
May 15, 2006 GEA Group one of the largest exhibitors at ACHEMA 2006
May 11, 2006 Lurgi wins new orders with a total value of EUR 260 million
May 11, 2006 GEA Group in the first quarter of 2006: Significant increases in earnings, sales and new orders
May 08, 2006 Fitch affirms GEA Group's rating at 'BBB-'
May 04, 2006 GEA Group in the first quarter of 2006: Increases in new orders, sales and EBIT
May 04, 2006 Annual Shareholders' Meeting of the GEA Group
Apr 24, 2006 Moody's Raises GEA Group Rating to Investment Grade
Apr 04, 2006 Lurgi wins new orders worth over EUR 100 million
Dec 30, 2005 GEA Group completes sale of DNK
Dec 22, 2005 Change in the Executive Board of Zimmer AG
Dec 19, 2005 Lurgi to implement world's largest biodiesel project in Germany
Dec 07, 2005 GEA Group acquires U.S. heat exchanger specialist Flatplate
Nov 30, 2005 Lurgi wins new biodiesel contracts worth total of EUR 70 million
Nov 29, 2005 Dr. Stephan Reimelt new Executive Board Member of Lurgi AG
Nov 24, 2005 Ad hoc release: Hartmut Eberlein to become new GEA Group CFO
Nov 24, 2005 Hartmut Eberlein to become new GEA Group finance director
Nov 09, 2005 GEA Group accelerates growth
Nov 07, 2005 Ad hoc release: GEA Group AG sells Dynamit Nobel Kunststoff to Plastal
Nov 07, 2005 GEA Group sells Dynamit Nobel Kunststoff to Plastal
Oct 26, 2005 Zimmer to build two polyester plants in India
Oct 17, 2005 GEA wins EUR 37 million order to build bioethanol plant
Oct 13, 2005 GEA Group to Acquire STERIS GmbH
Oct 04, 2005 GEA Energy Technology: New orders worth EUR 90 million
Sep 19, 2005 GEA Group opens new plant in China
Sep 15, 2005 GEA Group to acquire Membraflow Group
Aug 23, 2005 Fitch changes outlook for GEA Group to
Aug 17, 2005 Zimmer wins new orders from Italy and Poland
Aug 11, 2005 GEA Group continues profitable growth in second quarter of 2005
Aug 09, 2005 New Lurgi Contracts: Biodiesel Plants for 70 million euro
Jul 20, 2005 Klaus Buchborn-Klos new finance director of Lurgi AG
Jul 13, 2005 mg technologies ag is now called GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft
Jul 05, 2005 Lurgi: Major Order for the Construction of a Methanol Plant
Jun 09, 2005 500 Million Euro Credit Facility Agreed by mg
Jun 07, 2005 mg shareholders' meeting: voting results
Jun 06, 2005 mg's Energy Technology business wins contracts worth €75 million
May 31, 2005 Klaus Moll appointed CEO of Lurgi AG
May 30, 2005 mg technologies ag Strengthens Presence in the Indian Growth Market
May 24, 2005 GEA AG merged with mg technologies ag
May 18, 2005 Lurgi brings industrial plant on stream in China
May 18, 2005 Sale of Lugi not under consideration
May 11, 2005 Sales growth and return to profit
May 02, 2005 Squeeze-out resolution by GEA officially entered in commercial register
Apr 06, 2005 mg denies speculation
Apr 05, 2005 Zimmer and Lurgi build PET plant in record time
Mar 29, 2005 mg technologies returns to profit in 2004
Mar 24, 2005 Ad hoc release: mg technologies ag returns to profit in 2004
Mar 21, 2005 Squeeze-out approved by GEA's Annual Shareholders' Meeting can be entered in Commercial Register
Mar 07, 2005 Lurgi wins orders worth in excess of €210 million
Mar 07, 2005 Lurgi set for growth with new technologies portfolio
Feb 04, 2005 Construction to start on gas turbine plant in Weisweiler
Jan 26, 2005 mg to appeal against court ruling
Jan 20, 2005 Supervisory Board and Executive Board strongly reject statements made by CAPITAL magazine
Jan 11, 2005 mg donates €200,000 to help tsunami victims in Asia
Dec 14, 2004 GEA wins major contracts from Australia and Iran
Nov 29, 2004 mg technologies moves to Bochum
Nov 25, 2004 Susanne Heckelsberger to become member of the executive board of Zimmer AG
Nov 22, 2004 Jürg Oleas assumes responsibility for Human Resources
Nov 09, 2004 mg sticks to new strategy
Nov 05, 2004 Ad-hoc Release: mg's earnings forecast more cautious
Nov 02, 2004 Zimmer to build PET plant in Russia
Nov 02, 2004 Christoph Michel appointed head of M&A/Strategic Planning
Oct 28, 2004 Lurgi Lentjes wins contract worth €35 million
Oct 26, 2004 Jürg Oleas appointed chairman of mg's Executive Board
Oct 25, 2004 Ad-hoc Release
Oct 22, 2004 Anke Linnartz to head up mg's Investor Relations department
Oct 22, 2004 GEA Acquires Heat Exchanger Specialists WTT
Oct 21, 2004 Udo Stark to leave mg technologies ag
Oct 16, 2004 mg management board repudiates insinuations
Oct 15, 2004 Peter Schenk appointed to mg's Executive Board
Oct 15, 2004 Chairman of the supervisory board Dr. Heraeus: No further resolutions passed
Oct 12, 2004 Lurgi launches world's first MegaMethanol plant in Trinidad
Oct 11, 2004 GEA Acquires Messo Group
Oct 07, 2004 mg completes sale of Standardkessel Group
Sep 15, 2004 mg suspends sale of Dynamit Nobel Kunststoff GmbH
Sep 01, 2004 mg to sell automotive supplier to Delphi
Aug 25, 2004 Lurgi Lentjes wins major order from Ireland
Aug 13, 2004 GEA AG Annual Shareholders' Meeting approves squeeze out
Aug 10, 2004 mg confirms positive forecast for 2004
Aug 03, 2004 mg repurchased notes
Aug 03, 2004 mg sells the Standardkessel Group
Aug 01, 2004 Sale of Dynamit Nobel to Rockwood completed on schedule
Jul 15, 2004 Zimmer wins contract for polyester plant in India
Jul 14, 2004 Lurgi Lentjes wins contract worth EUR 130 million
Jul 02, 2004 Annual Shareholders' Meeting of GEA AG to decide on squeeze-out
Jun 30, 2004 mg technologies finance B.V. launches Tender Offer
Jun 29, 2004 Restructuring at Lurgi complete
Jun 21, 2004 99.9 percent of mg shareholders vote in favor of the sale of the Dynamit Nobel Group
Jun 18, 2004 Gerd Koppenhöfer new chairman of the executive board of mg vermögensverwaltung ag
Jun 17, 2004 Lurgi to build methanol plant in Iran
Jun 02, 2004 mg Industrial Plant Engineering: Lean corporate structure at Lurgi Lentjes
May 17, 2004 Zimmer: New technology revolutionizes production of PET bottles
May 14, 2004 mg technologies sells solvadis business
May 12, 2004 mg gets off to successful start in 2004
May 11, 2004 Lurgi wins contract to build bio-diesel plant in Halle
May 06, 2004 Lurgi to build methanol plant in China
May 03, 2004 mg sells Plastics division of Dynamit Nobel
Apr 28, 2004 Management buy-out at Lurgi Life Science GmbH
Apr 27, 2004 mg Supervisory Board approves Sale of Dynamit Nobel
Apr 19, 2004 mg technologies sells Dynamit Nobel
Apr 01, 2004 Lurgi Lentjes wins contract worth €170 million
Mar 30, 2004 mg achieves successful start to 2004 fiscal year
Mar 30, 2004 Peter Steiner appointed as new finance director of mg and GEA
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