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Every second the world’s water, soil and air receives a thousand cubic metres of waste water, solid waste materials and exhaust gases of all kinds. Only a fraction of this is treated. The number and severity of the conditions for protection of the natural environment are growing, and with them the need for solutions that are ecologically viable and economically achievable. At the same time great efforts are being made globally to meet these challenges.

The saving of resources and energy; the avoidance, reduction and recycling of waste materials, waste water and emissions to the greatest possible extent - these are the requirements that are being positively implemented in GEA’s process engineering – whilst adhering strictly to the parameters of business economics. This applies to the use of natural refrigerants in industrial cooling, to the power alcohol plant and the GEA plant for flue gas treatment, and also, for example, to the GEA systems for industrial air cooling.

Increasingly more important in the safeguarding of our natural foundations for life is the treatment of waste water. Here GEA is one of the world’s leading suppliers of separators and decanters for the treatment of drinking water, removal of water from sludge and its concentration, as well as the recovery of resources from production processes.

More than 3000 stationary and mobile GEA plants are in use worldwide for the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater. The fact that customers using these plants can link environmental protection with sometimes dramatic cost reductions in disposal, energy and water consumption, underlines GEA’s sound growth in the environmental sector.



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