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Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and the cosmetics industry

Research, development and production in both the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and also the cosmetics industry place health and personal well-being in pole position.

Demographic developments are turning these markets into growth markets. Today in the developed industrial countries 15 percent of the population is already 65 years or older, in the next 20 to 30 years this proportion will approximately treble.

In view of these trends, and the fact that development of a new medicine often takes more than 10 years, manufacturers are investing billions in the improvement of existing products and procedures at the same time as they develop new products and procedures. In the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries GEA is able to bring to bear all its capabilities with growing success. Challenging but profitable potential markets are being opened up:

In the pharmaceutical industry and in biotechnology, separators and decanters from GEA are being introduced into the fields of purification, separation, fractionation, concentration and extraction. Amongst others, the tasks include human blood plasma fractionation, extraction of plant extracts for medicines, insulin extraction, and the separation of micro organisms and their constituents, as for example in the manufacture of vaccines, interferon, antibiotics and enzymes.

The industrial production of pharmaceutical, biotechnological and cosmetic products places high requirements on the process engineering. GEA’s equipment, systems and facilities stand out not only in terms of their high availability, economic operation and adaptability, but are also setting the worldwide standards for safety, hygiene and a constant quality of result.



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