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Safer, larger, faster, more environmentally friendly – marine engineering is state-of-the art technology, proven under the extreme conditions of the sea.

More than 30 knots cruising speed with wave heights of six metres, worldwide transport networks in which goods flow around the clock, increasingly stringent requirements concerning protection of the seas, and the global competition in shipbuilding and logistics are here setting the standards for the future.

With a proportion of more than 85 percent of the world’s transport tonnage, the ship is by far the most effective, most environmentally friendly and most economical means of transport, and is a key building block within worldwide supply chains.

Supported by more than 250 companies in 50 countries GEA, as a leading company in process technology, is fully acknowledging the high requirements set in shipbuilding.

Customers are profiting from components, systems and facilities which in function and design are precisely tailored to the requirements of a very wide variety of types of ship. These are fulfilling their duties on container ships, tankers and fishing trawlers just as reliably as on ferries and megayachts.

Built to time on short assembly times, with long in-service lives, low operating costs, and fault-free, environmentally-friendly plant operation at constant load – these are the payoffs for the customers in terms of maximum performance and cost effectiveness. For this reason many leading companies in the shipbuilding industry have selected GEA as their preferred supplier.



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