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The market for soft drinks, fruit juice and other non-alcoholic beverages is growing dynamically world-wide. This applies to Asia, America and Eastern Europe in particular. At the same time the products are becoming more varied: new-age drinks, isotonic drinks and health drinks mean differentiation and potential opportunities for earnings for the beverage industry, especially in mature drinks markets.

Since the sales prospects for process technology tend to rise disproportionately with increasing household income, in the growth markets China, India, Russia and Eastern Europe, GEA is increasingly expanding its position in beverage production and preparation.

In both mature and boom markets GEA customers are benefiting from components, systems and integrated plants for producing and preparing juice, syrup, soft drinks, drinks concentrates, coffee, alcohol, wine and beer.

GEA’s leading position here is based not just on its outstanding skill in innovative product differentiation and quality production. The environmental protection incorporated in production using GEA technology is also increasingly attractive to the beverage industry.

It minimises flows of environment-relevant substances and also the consumption of water, natural feedstocks and energy resources. Beverage technology’s modular design, straightforward installation and low maintenance mean that customers in the beverage industry benefit from significantly lowered operating costs, while the quality and environment-friendliness of their production systems are maximised.



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