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The food industry faces two major challenges from its markets:

A growing world population must be supplied with food and customers’ demand for new and increasingly high-grade products must be met quickly. In the industrialised countries there is, moreover, a clear trend towards convenience products which can be prepared quickly and also have a dietary role. To comply with high hygiene standards, a production method which is both easy on the product as well as being efficient and smooth are essential prerequisites for success in the food processing industry. It is also essential to be able to adapt quickly to changing market demands in what is a highly competitive industry sector.

GEA supplies a variety of modern plant systems, which meet these requirements in fine detail. Planning of plant systems is assisted by computer programs developed in-house. They enable GEA to supply equipment from standard plant systems, to special customised solutions. In its engineering for the food industry, GEA integrates the high-performance capacities, expertise, and thorough practical knowledge of experienced specialist companies from plant planning to comprehensive after-sales service.

Complete production lines are designed so that, for example, mixing of products with one another or with cleaning agents is prevented. Cleaning (CIP) and/or sterilisation (SIP) are performed without dismantling and therefore without any re-infection. In large-scale projects in the food industry GEA undertakes both project management and detail planning. Interface responsibility, cost control and schedule monitoring are all handled by GEA and complement the technical quality of GEA services with the aim of flexible, cost-effective food production.



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