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To safeguard economic development and to cover the rising energy needs without threatening the quality of life of future generations, energy must be generated economically, safely and in an environmentally acceptable manner. A large proportion of the coal-fired power stations in Europe and the USA must, in the coming years, be replaced by new technology. Moreover 1.6 billion people in the world have no access to electricity. The economic boom in China and other regions of Asia is also resulting in an increased energy demand.

GEA companies are pioneers and international leaders in industrial air cooling. Principal product groups are direct and indirect dry cooling systems – which are used in power plants, waste incineration plants and biomass plants – and wet cooling systems. GEA is located worldwide with its own engineering and production sites. Thus, it provides maximum customer proximity.

Other GEA companies are also registering constant growth in the world’s energy markets. Here the most important applications are in the processing of fuel oils and lubrication oil in turbine-driven power stations, or plants with diesel engines.

GEA’s highly efficient centrifuges reduce wastage and protect the highly-loaded, sophisticated drive units from any possible damage and its consequences for people, environment and the companies concerned.



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