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Chemistry, petro chemistry, natural gas, oil and biofuels

Without chemistry, progress and civilisation are no longer imaginable. Whether tensides in washing detergents, PVCs in floor coverings, high-tech fibres for clothing, colourings or phosphoric acids in soft drinks – all areas of life are to a greater or lesser extent affected by the developments in the chemical industries.

The worldwide consumption of just the one plastic PET – for example for carpets, upholstery, clothing, seat belts and bottles – was already at a level of 29 mega tonnes in the year 2000 – and rising!

Since in these industry sectors concentrated acids, fuels, gases and explosive materials, amongst others, are part of the everyday business, safety and protection of the environment are absolutely essential prerequisites for GEA’s systems and facilities.

Methanol is one of the raw materials with a very promising future. GEA is opening up the growth potential in the field of methanol processing in a focussed manner, and with a very close eye on the safety and protection of people, resources and the natural environment.

GEA is also opening up profitable growth potentials in the field of production of methanol from gas, such as natural gas, coal gas and biogas, as a feedstock for petrochemical products and fuels. While today only 5 percent of the natural gas extracted worldwide is processed further to become methanol, petrochemical products and fuels, this proportion will rise to at least 20 percent by 2030.

Similarly interesting areas of growth are offered by the generation of oleo chemicals. In the petrochemical industries the raw material of oil is converted to gas. The companies in the petrochemical industries are investing in new procedures and facilities. For all of these processes GEA companies are the people to talk to for all your cooling needs. Centrifugal separation technology provides process line support for the treatment of renewable resources to become ethanol and biodiesel. In oilfields, the world-leading technologies of GEA frequently come into play.



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