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Lean fluid processes, top product quality and rapid adaptation of production to a constantly increasing variety of products and quantities are critical for success in the world-wide competition in the brewing industry.

If a plant is fully to meet the requirements of brewery markets and customers, it must be designed according to the latest standards of process technology, i.e. as a highly flexible system capable of continuous optimisation.

A profound knowledge of products and processes in general, and of the art of beer-brewing in particular, are just as much pre-conditions for this as are first-class engineering, precision in the production and assembly of plants, and proven innovative strength.

As a leading provider of components and systems for brewery process technology, GEA supplies and provides customer services to all major breweries around the world. Customers derive two simultaneous benefits from this partnership: GEA not only designs and realizes customized, turnkey plants, but also provides individual components to enhance the performance of existing systems, and implements them.

GEA companies in Europe, South-East Asia and North America in combination with a global sales network make state-of-the-art technologies available to its customers. Experienced GEA engineers bring their knowledge and ability to bear on these cooperative ventures, and ensure optimal quality, as well as economic efficiency from the planning stage all the way through to manufacturing and commissioning.


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Look behind the scenes of a brewery. Learn interactively how much of GEA’s engineering know-how is required until the beer is in the jar.

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