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Solutions "Made by GEA" help customers to produce more efficiently and with less side effects on the environment while raising quality standards. Produkt Reports explain the technology and engineering know-how needed for every-day goods. Learn how GEA strives to keep innovations coming in order to optimize existing products.

The Glass Revolution

Glass is so fundamental to modern life that most of us scarcely give it a thought. At best, we might associate it with drinking beer, with windows or with crystal vases. But in combination with new technologies it will play a key role in innovation over the next few years.

Ready for Take-Off

Tourist trips to space are nearing the launch pad . Soon the sky will no longer be the limit for travelers.

The big cheese

Cheese is big Business: Despite being eaten for 10,000 years, it is still not a mature market. But it`s growing strongly.

Breathe easy

Air pollution has been one of the downsides of industrialization but technological advances are working to mitigate its harmful effects.

Milk fiber

As milk fiber becomes a talking point fashion circles, a young german is winning awards for her leading-edge work in producing the yarn and the clothes made from it.

Viva Bufala

There´s mozzarella – and there´s buffalo mozzarella. In Europe this is a premium product with a premium price tag. But buffalo milk is used is to make mozzarella-type chesses in many orther parts of the world.

Wind power

High oil prices and concerns over climate change have led to a growing interest in the use of renewable energy sources. One small caribbean island Has built the largest power station of its kind in tHe world to produce 100 per cent clean electricity.

Sharing Cells

There are few things that all human beings share – but blood is one of them. Everyone has it and without it we die. But what is it? What does it do? And why is it the basis of a global industry?

Swimming power plants

Energy producers and high-tech companies around the world are aiming to make algae the future efficient and climate neutral source of energy. Even today, GEA offers key technologies for that process.

The clever way to milk

The clever way to milk An innovative milking cluster from GEA Farm Technologies is keeping both cows and farmers happy.

Juicy trends

Health and freshness with extra long shelf-life: thanks to GEA solutions for the beverage industry. Juices made from papaya, mango and pomegranate create an exotic touch.

Keeping Fish Fresh

Without modern refrigeration fish would be off the menu in many parts of the world.

Modern Metal

The Statue of Liberty as the symbol for freedom and independence is constructed with copper. For the extraction from copper ore, engineering know-how from GEA is used all around the world.

Cool freshness

Energy efficient refrigeration technology from GEA ensures freshness for the customer. GEA Grenco provides the new distribution center for British supermarket chain Sainsbury´s with an environmentally friendly refrigeration system.

Liquid Gold

Homer called it “liquid gold” and, for centuries, olive oil has been a staple ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. Now, as people become more aware of its nutritional benefits, olive oil is increasingly sought-after in kitchens around the world.

How to make: beer

Look behind the scenes of a brewery. Learn interactively how much of GEA’s engineering know-how is required until the beer is in the jar.

Bubbling Markets

The soft drinks market has come a long way. GEA Procomac is a specialist in aseptic bottling. Aseptic production is cheaper, healthier and environmentally friendly.

Faster Relief

Product development for pharmaceuticals is speeding up. A new test center enables pharma-companies to put spray-dry technology for new drugs to a test.

A Stimulating Substance

People say coffee makes the world go around. In order to make coffee rich in taste and salubrious, the industry relies on GEA Technology.


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