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Faster freezing of fresh products
With its new GEA Grasso VT range, GEA Refrigeration Technologies has optimized and streamlined its assortment of two-stage piston compressors. Instead of 20 models in three different model ranges, seven models now cover the complete performance spectrum, with output from 217 to 1,114 m³/h.
Resource saving cleaning of tanks and vessels
With GEA Breconcherry cleaning technology the Business Unit Flow Components of GEA Mechanical Equipment offers its customers optimal solutions for vessel and tank cleaning.
For healthy growth of a new generation
Healthy calf raising forms the basis for performance orientated and profitable dairy farming. The optimum foundation for successful calf raising is provided by GEA Farm Technologies’ automatic calf feeders. They supply calves according to their needs and reduce routine work in calf raising to a minimum.
No frills, just great brews!
In addition to the established COMPACT-STAR™ brewhouse line for mid-sized breweries, a new Huppmann brewhouse for artisan craft breweries is now available – the CRAFT-STAR™: CRAFT-STAR™ is a skid-mounted brew system, designed for a flexible batch size from 25 to 40 hl (20 to 35 U.S. bbl) hot wort.
A golden future for frying
Crispy products with a crunchy coating and golden appearance enjoy a growing popularity. In addition, regional frying-trends like "southern fried" or "home style" give products their own specific taste, bite and appeal. In this popular field of fried food, consumer preferences for healthier and crisper fried foods are the challenges for industrial frying processes. With its EasyFry-Series, GEA Food Solutions offers a solution to meet all these trends sustainably.
Cooling with the new GEA Plusbox: modular, flexible and individual
With its GEA Plusbox GEA Refrigeration Technologies is offering its customers for the first time a series of modularly built-up outdoor complete condenser sets based on semi-hermetic GEA Bock compressors and GEA condensers. Among the classic application areas of the GEA Plusbox are refrigerator and freezer rooms, convenience stores and filling station shops.
Successful battle against bacteria in aseptic dosing
More and more people tend to consume lactose-free dairy products that are free of milk sugar. By injecting the enzyme lactase into milk, lactose is broken down into fructose and galactose. The whole process to treat milk and to inject lactase must be completely aseptic. With the VARI-DOS-ASEPT, GEA TDS has achieved a quantum-leap forward in aseptic dosing – cost-effective thanks to requiring the smallest possible amount of the expensive lactase utilized.
CowScout S: Monitoring of fertility
When is the best time for optimal insemination of a cow? For farmers, the timely heat detection can be labor- and cost intensive. As of now, GEA Farm Technologies offers a new solution for automated heat detection. CowScout S, an electronic stand-alone monitoring-system, measures the activity of the cows automatically around the clock in real time.
High Speed Sausage Production
With the GEA CutMaster GEA Food Solutions offers its customers an up-to-date universal tool machine for the production of any kind of sausages and various other food products – with the use of an exceptionally fast cutting speed of more than 160 m/s. That shortens processing times for particle reduction and mixing and allows perfect emulsifying of sausage products with a high degree of fineness.
GEA VARICOVER® Product Recovery Systems: cleaning of pipes with reduced loss of products
For high quality products in industries from food and beverages through to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics manufacturers set great value upon the requirement that products do not intermix with other media in the pipes. GEA Tuchenhagen developed a technology to push out high quality products from pipe systems avoiding such intermixing: the GEA VARICOVER® Product Recovery System.

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