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Annual General Meeting 2012

Information of the Annual General Meeting 2012 of GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft as well as the recording of the speech of Jürg Oleas, CEO of GEA Group, can be found here.

Press Releases

Press Release: GEA starts the year 2012 with an increase in order intake PDF (90 KB)

Speech and Presentation

CEO Speech PDF (500 KB)
Recording webcast
Presentation PDF (3.0 MB)
Images Find high resolution images from the event here.
Attendance and voting results
Attendance and voting results (only available in German) PDF (1.6 MB)

Documents Annual General Meeting

Invitation to the Annual General Meeting 2012 including

• total number of shares and voting rights

• Report of the Executive Board relating to Agenda Item 10

• Report of the Executive Board relating to Agenda Item 11
PDF (500 KB)
Annual Report 2011 including

• Consolidated Financial Statements (p. 91 et seqq.)

• Combined Management Report of the Group and of GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft (p. 9 et seqq.)

• Explanatory Report pursuant to § 289 Sect. 4, Sect. 5, § 315 Sect. 4, Sect. 2 No. 5 HGB (p. 55 et seqq.)

• Report of the Supervisory Board (p. 204 et seqq.)
PDF (3.0 MB)
Annual Financial Statements of GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft as at December 31, 2011 (only available in German) including

• Recommendation on the appropriation of profits (p. 42)
PDF (800 KB)
Explanatory notes regarding Agenda Item 1 (no resolution to be adopted) pursuant to § 124a Sentence 1 No. 2 AktG and to the shareholders’ rights pursuant to § 121 Sect. 3 Sentence 3 No. 3 AktG
PDF (70 KB)
Document Agenda Item 9

• CV of the Supervisory Board member to be elected Prof. Dr. Ing. Werner J. Bauer
PDF (90 KB)

Stock Quote

44.21 EUR (Xetra)
May 29, 2015
at 17:35 h

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