Rikke’s story

Q What attracted you to GEA?


I joined GEA because it enabled me to apply everything I learned at university. My interest in engineering began during the couple of years I spent with the Danish Navy after leaving high school. I went on to study mechanical engineering and sustainable energy at DTU (Technical University of Denmark) and, after graduating, I found this position at GEA on a Danish online job site.

It was the fact that it was energy related that really interested me as most of the other job vacancies were process or mechanical engineering. Although everyone talks about energy, very few companies offer this specific position.

Q What does your role involve?


I calculate energy consumption at process plants and look for ways of reducing it cost-effectively. Energy-saving is becoming more and more important to our customers because energy is a huge part of their operating costs.

 I’m working with energy consumption models, developed by our in-house engineers, and reviewing standard concepts of energy supply and heat recovery. The job is interesting, varied and challenging. My job has taken me to projects in Sweden and Germany and I’m currently working in collaboration with colleagues in France, New Zealand and Australia. This is an SBU initiative that aims to develop tools and procedures for improving energy consumption at large food and dairy drying plants.

Q What do you enjoy most about your job?


The variety of tasks is great. Being the only person in the Energy Expert position gives me the opportunity to seek support from my colleagues across the company. I am proud of having this position and being able to make a difference.

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