Ben’s story

Q What attracted you to GEA?


After getting my degree in Engineering at Ohio State University, I spent eight years with a US-based industrial company. I joined GEA because I was interested in working in other countries and for a global company. Also it offered real engineering challenges.

Q How did you enjoy working abroad?


I am from Minnesota, which has a strong Scandinavian influence, so Denmark seemed very familiar. Copenhagen is a great place to work and I enjoyed the Danish culture and work ethic. While I was there I travelled all over the world and was involved in a variety of interesting projects. They included the acquisition and post-merger integration of a New Zealand company that had offices in Australia and Singapore and a distribution agreement with the US.

GEA is an incredibly global company and not a week goes by when I am not engaging with colleagues from other countries.

Q What is your current role?


I am Division Manager for GEA’s Evaporation and Crystallization business for North America. We sell our sophisticated evaporation and crystallization technology to a diverse customer base – from companies that produce the salt you buy in the supermarket to helping a power plant to produce clean water.

Q What do you like about your job?


GEA provides great opportunities for people who like to learn. It has a flat organizational structure that allows you to work in different functions across a variety of areas. You are not shoe-horned into a specific role.

It is rewarding when you develop a solution to meet a customer’s need and then take a project from the lab to industrial production. Also I get satisfaction from knowing that products we use every day – from my son’s infant formula, to gummy bears, to the coffee and fruit juices we drink -  are made with GEA equipment. 

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