The Handbook of Milk Powder Manufacture by Dr. Jan Pisecky originally published in 1997 is a valuable reference book for dairy processing engineers wanting to take a deeper look at the complex world of milk powder processing.

Milk powder manufacturing handbook

Updated in 2012 by Vagn Westergaard and Ejnar Refstrup, the second edition now includes updated references to the latest spray drying technology from GEA. This new edition also includes a new chapter focussing on evaporation technology.

With nearly 200 figures, drawings, images and tables, The Handbook of Milk Powder Manufacture covers the key processing technologies of evaporation and spray-drying, guiding the reader through the fundamentals of producing spray dried milk powder products, selection of drying system as well as providing valuable information on the final properties of the common milk based powdered products.

An overview of the various types and designs of spray dryers provides the reader with an easy to understand summary of the benefits of each type with respect to the types of powder that they are ideally suited. The latter part of this section provides guidance on the final selection of the dryer based on final product type, operating parameters and efficiency.

We provide the reader with a list of the typical analytical methods used in the testing of milk powders and many of these are available for separate download via our website.

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