Fuelling the World’s Economy

GEA offers high-performance equipment that meets the most stringent efficiency, safety and environmental requirements, for a wide range of highly specialized upstream and downstream applications in the petroleum industry. Our powerful, high-speed centrifuges, ATEX compressors and highly efficient vacuum technology are being successfully used in the exploration, production and processing of oil and gas. GEA’s goal is to help develop new sources of oil and gas, and to make the most efficient use of existing oil and gas fields on all continents and in all oceans.

Efficient, safe and environmentally sound

Demands on the oil and gas industry are increasing. Operational reliability, cost containment, safety standards and environmental protection are major considerations. GEA supplies plug and play processing systems that comply with even the most stringent safety and environmental requirements, and contribute considerably to reduce operating costs.

Our ATEX compressors for air conditioning and industrial refrigeration help to keep heads cool and food fresh in explosion-risk areas, by providing the right temperature for workmen, facilities and supply.

Our centrifuges clean all kinds of liquids: from crude oil - to meet the refineries’ specifications -to drain, bilge and produced water - to help protect the maritime ecosystem.

GEA’s multi-stage steam ejector units for downstream processes in refineries exhibit low steam consumption, and so keep the vacuum in the distillation column in a reliable and cost-effective manner.