Better cities, better life

With growing global population and rapid urbanization, food and energy supply and distribution as well as waste and thermal disposal together with waste water treatment and pollution control are one of the key challenges of the 21st century. The dynamic process of urbanization for example means that mankind is having to face a major challenge: cities only occupy a fraction of the world‘s surface, but are responsible for most consumption of resources and greenhouse gas emissions When living space is created by building upwards, the costs involved in supplying services and disposing of waste increase exponentially.

Protecting the environment and saving resources

The city of the future will have to use the latest technologies to establish an equilibrium between innovation and tradition, city and nature, community and the individual as well as work and leisure.

With their first-class emission reduction systems and technologies GEA is an expert on clean air. We also deliver complete process lines and equipment for treating water and waste water and excel at solutions for recovering chemicals, recycling heat and conserving resources. On top, our high-performance equipment for the upstream and downstream petroleum industry combine efficiency, safety and environmental protection on- and offshore in a wide range of highly specialist applications.

Better air, better water, better energy with GEA technology