World-Class Pharmaceutical Processing Solutions

GEA Group is a global specialist in solid and liquid dose technology. Combining trusted technology with an ongoing program of innovation and price/performance leadership, GEA has a long history of expertise and an unparalleled depth of know-how in the pharmaceutical and greater life science industries, including functional food, nutraceuticals, over-the-counter (OTC), biotechnology, home and personal care (HPC).

Our many years of experience and successful installations around the world have provided us with a deep and fundamental understanding of a variety of mission-critical processes, such as batch and continuous granulation, drying, pelletizing and coating, contained materials handling, tablet compression, freeze drying, fermentation and liquid formulation, separation, homogenization and cell disruption.

With manufacturing and technology centers all over the world, GEA provides the services that the pharmaceutical industry needs, including technical competence, test facilities for product development and process evaluation, project management, market-leading equipment, customer service and support.

Core Competencies

Working closely with its customers to develop new products, reduce time to market and enhance clinical effectiveness, GEA’s scope of supply ranges from R&D-scale and standalone production equipment to the installation of completely integrated production lines and continuous processing technology. GEA is your single-source supplier of robust, flexible and cost-effective manufacturing solutions for the life science industries that maximise operational reliability and productivity.