Freeze Dryer RAY™ Pilot Freeze Dryer

The RAY™ pilot freeze drying plant is ideal for small-scale production of market samples and for pilot testing of new freeze-dried products or ingredients prior to full-scale production.

Freeze drying – the drying of an already frozen product in a vacuum – is an attractive process to many food manufacturers as it is a gentle process that preserves the product's original shape, color, taste, and nutrients. The RAY™ Pilot Freeze Dryer matches the requirements for hygienic processing in both the food and beverage industries.

A wide range of applications

SSP RAY Pilot lab Food 1200x675

The RAY™  Pilot Freeze Drying plants can be applied for any application - from traditional food and beverage products through to active ingredients like probiotics, enzymes and other functional ingredients for food and health products.  

Auxiliary equipment

The following equipment can be supplied with the RAY™ Pilot Freeze Drying plant:

• Laboratory freezer
• Pilot granulator
• Foaming and pre-freezing for coffee/tea extracts